Case study: Meem art, Concept e-store

About Meem e-store

Meem art is a concept store based in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, mainly in Al-Khobar. It allows customers to customize their own clothes for a unique way of expressing themselves through fashion. Meem now uses Instagram as a point of sale, in this case study we conducted a research to scale the business based on solid basis.

* User research


Screening will be our starting point in this project to know who are the targeting users, we set up a form with a sharpen questions as listed:
1- Where do you usually shop for clothes?

Firstly, we asked users about they behaviour as shopping preference because it has a definitive answer, if user prefer Physical stores then he is out of sample.
2- Age, Gender
These question builds user’s caracteristicas.
3- How much do you usually spend on clothes? in Saudi Riyal
This question leads us to know if the user on Meem art prices range or not.
4- What is your style with clothing?
To sharpen user’s, Trendy, street, Comfy, casual styles is the model answers otherwise, Out of sample
5- Who inspire you to pick an outfit?

This question to let us know more about user’s persona.
6- How Often do you go shopping for T-shirts & hoodies?
To measure user’s frequency of purchasing T-shirts & Hoodies
7- How often do you check Instagram for outfit inspiration?
To ensure our targeting users used channels like IG to discover trends.
8- How often do you get asked about your outfit?
This is the crucial question, we assumed that our targeting users are DIVAs.
9- Are you willing to participate in our research?
The hardest question to us, how could you motivate users for a free user interview? for this reason we use a trick as shown, and yeah we received a perfect results.

People familiar with emojis, give the users meaning of Yes and No!


Targeting Audience:
Between 18–28 years old who are interested in online shopping
Screening sample:
34 effective respond
Out of sample:
12 user
Interview sample:
14 successful interviews

Interview questions

1- What’s your thoughts about street style clothing?
2- Would you like to customize your clothing?Why?
3- What is your experience with shopping from concept store?
4- What struggles do you face when you are buying from an Instagram business account?
5- What payment choices you prefer when checkout?
6- What do you hate about online shopping?
7- What do like about online shopping?
8- What is your favorite web and app to shop with?
9- Would you like having size references?
10- How important to you to see people reviews on product?
11- What motivate to buy new clothes?

Affinity mapping


1- Users like a variety of payment methods especially apple pay.
2- Reviews with pictures from real consumers influence users’ decisions when it comes to online shopping.
3- Users don’t trust shopping from Instagram due to many reasons such as late responses, lack of order tracking and payment variety.
4- Concept store needs a development to become a real brand and trustworthy.
5- Users love their online shopping journey because they can compare everything from the comfort of their homes, but they need a platform where you don’t need to return or refund because of the bad user experience.
6- Users struggle with some e-commerce websites because of their complexity.
7- Users struggle with lack of sizing references in most of the online shops.

C&C Analysis

LEMEr’s heuristic evaluation

Features Comparison

Layout Comparison


  • The homepage should have clear categories and an easy-to-scan design to ease the user’s navigation.
  • To give the user clear description of the product (item) we must include: size reference, multiple images from different angles.
  • Including a review and rating feature would give the user an honest experience of the product which could motivate the user to buy it.
  • For the checkout process having a different payment options (Mada, Credit Cards, Apple Pay) will attract more users to buy.
  • To have a more convenient and a faster journey, we recommend adding a checkout as guest feature.

Problem statement

Our online shoppers has the problem that they struggle when they want to shop online due to complexity, late responses, lack of payment variety and sizing. Our solution is to deliver smooth and seamless shopping experience with a variety of features to make the process easier.

About the solution

Our solution is an e-commerce website that provides users a smooth and simple shopping experience by buying from Meem Art Shop, with an easier process to order customized clothing.

Website journey

  • Choose an item or make your own
  • Review feature
  • Multiple pictures for each item
  • Sign in or continue as a quest
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Using google map for shipping details

User flow

Site Map

2x2 Matrix

Annotated wireframes

High-fidelity mockups

Usability testing


1- Most users took seconds to complete the test.
2- The majority of users chose to buy an item from the home page.
3- Overall, smooth process but there was some confusion about the products in the cart.
4- Users wanted a price filtration feature.
5- Users prefer Google Maps link over writing details of their addresses.
6- Checkout page looks simple but needs to be expanded.



Next steps

  • Customization feature enhancement.
  • Adding animations feature to enhance UX.
  • Improving the web design and adding more overlays and features.
  • Improving the checkout process.


Concepts stores are startups managed by individuals, promising but they have a lot to do in terms of marketing and business, this research shows a gap between stores and their targeting users, Looking forward to see them in better stages. Thank you for reading this article and follow me to see more ideas!




Computer science, Writer, Seeker and UXer.

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Faris Alqusair

Faris Alqusair

Computer science, Writer, Seeker and UXer.

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