DBS- API Hackathon 3rd place. (UI/UX)

A 24 hour rapid prototyping event.

Using dbs bank API’s we were tasked in creating a product under 24 hours.

With over 15 teams in the even we ended up in 3rd place.

The general idea was created by me, developed by another, and presented by the team leader.

The concept was to create a Budget management app for kids to learn about financial health from an early age. The following are some screenshots from the 24 hour hackathon followed by a simple invision protoype.

In a Nutshell

  1. A parent and child viewing mode needed to be made, for parents to deposit money into the childs account.
  2. UI needed to be simple enough for a young kid to understand
  3. APIs that DBS provided were the main limiting factor of what the app could do.
  4. Motivations for the child to save for their desired items must be clearly shown at the start.