Behavior Driven Development (BDD) & Software Testing in Agile Environments
Thilina Ashen Gamage

A good article Thilina. But be careful not to segment the roles too much — if the BA writes the Gherkin scenarios before discussing it with the team, you end up with mini-waterfall. If you aren’t having the conversations, you aren’t doing BDD. In general, experienced BDD teams work with example mapping and feature mapping ( before they go anywhere near a Cucumber feature file or a Gherkin scenario.

Also, BDD and test automation using Cucumber are two quite separate things: BDD is not test automation is not BDD. Test Automation can be an enabler to good BDD practices when done well, but it can hamper BDD adoption if done poorly as well. And, though I do love Cucumber, plenty of teams do BDD just fine without Cucumber or similar tools.

I talk about these points in more detail (and explain the diagram you included in your article :-) here:

And you might want to add Serenity BDD ( and Serenity/JS ( in your list of tools, as they are the tools that produce the nice reports shown in your diagrams ;-).

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