Go Local, Not Global !

It’s the 29th Day of August 2017 and in this Month I met many Brands / Individuals who are aiming not Global but to Go Local. And to my surprise, there are many players in developing countries enabling SMEs and SMBs to get local, especially brick & mortar businesses.

Even Google push a lot to become local experts by contributing on the location you visit, pushes local listing on mobile. Wait Wait, forgot to tell you all, this started and got scaled with Mobile as the preferred platform/search device for users.

Keeping this as context I thought let me try to become a local marketing expert or Hyperlocal Marketing Expert.

Though it’s totally different from my experience of handling global brands campaign, managing PAN India campaigns, Global marketing, reading cultural trends, Data & Analytics, Branding & Packaging, Social Media Marketing, Media Buying, Affiliate- nothing from these skills sets came to rescue to handle - Local marketing of Dental Clinic, Laundry Stores, Pizza Stores, Burger Chain Outlets, Fashion Retail outlets and more. Honestly, they need a different marketer brain altogether.

During this journey of becoming a Hyperlocal Marketer, I had collected a lot of pointers and checklist which can help your Local Business Listing and a strong player to get you :

More visits to your StoreCalls to your Reception Website TrafficOnline Ordering.

But to give GEO Juice to your business you need to understand how exactly it works. Here is curated pointers and factors which are active and relevant in 2017 as well to make your business grow online at the hyperlocal level.

And trust me it’s not new, it exists even when we used to do traditional marketing wherein we use to engage local radio station, flyers in the newspaper by local newspaper guy.

In 2017 we do it differently, now you are doing hyperlocal marketing for users who are online and using Google as their search platform to look for “near me” business. And if you miss these searches in today’s age being SMEs / SMBs you are missing a large pie of business for somebody else.

Let’s jump to HOW to leverage local listing and Hyper local marketing for your business

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