Install Bird Netting Solutions to Avoid Costly Mess

Birds are no less than pests, especially when they nest or roost in spaces where their debris damages property and becomes hazardous to health. Each year, across the globe, property owners have to bear a hefty expenditure on cleaning, repair, and maintenance of damages caused by pest birds. Not only these species result in wasteful expenditure, but their debris is also very much harmful to the health. Bird droppings, if left untreated can result in severe health hazards, transmittable diseases, and accidents.

The major reasons why you should invest in bird netting solutions are:

Costly Mess

Bird debris, if left untreated, gets accumulated in property spaces that eventually are very costly to eliminate or clean up. They can make you live a messy lifestyle, depending on the duration for how long birds have been nesting in a space in your home, commercial building or any other piece of property. If the mess and damage are huge, then you might have to spend even thousands of dollars on cleaning it up and repairing physical property damages. There is also an acidic component present in bird droppings, which if not treated adequately can result in corrosion or severe damage to specific areas of a building.

Occurrence of Contagious Diseases

Bird droppings are full of harmful substances, and hence, they can result in the occurrence of transmittable diseases that can be easily contracted by humans. Even the leftover nesting material of birds is equally harmful and infectious. It is because besides harmful substances the nesting material of birds contains remnants, mites and bugs that can lead to numerous types of allergic reactions to humans. The biggest trouble is that any disease that has occurred due to bird droppings or nesting is transmittable and can easily spread from one person to other.

Risk of Slip Accidents

Droppings of birds are not only messy and harmful to health but also greasy. It is possible that these birds might create a mess near the entryways or walkways. If someone walks unnoticeably, then he might slip or fall off and can meet with a severe injury. If such injuries are met by people on public property or commercial property, then it can even lead to a lawsuit, which is even trickier to handle.

For all such reasons, it becomes essential to opt for an effective bird control solution that can help you stay away from meeting any such pesky trouble. There are various types of bird control products available, but out of them, the most trusted and reliable way to get rid of birds is Bird Netting.

The one good reason to opt for bird netting to combat problems associated with birds is that these nettings are available in varieties of forms, sizes, patterns and fabrics. You can get these installed at almost any location of your house, ranging from rooftops, airline hangars, home’s eaves, warehouses, balconies, open exterior gardens, overhangs and other enclosed spaces that you wish to protect from pest birds. Nettings offer absolute exclusion of all species of birds.

The other great reason to install these nettings is that they are a long-term bird control measure. You can avail ease when it comes to installation of bird nettings as this product is available in an assortment of mesh sizes in order to offer you protection from all kinds of birds. With nettings, you can not only safeguard your property from small birds like pigeons, but also from big flying pests like seagulls. The easy availability of netting in various colours like black, white, grey and their robust mesh construction that offers protection from U.V. rays, dust, and dirt, makes them an ideal choice for homeowners who wish to get rid of birds and their mess.

Which type of bird netting to install?

Now that you have known all such great benefits of bird netting measures, you must be wondering which type of netting would be ideal for your property. Well, there are numerous types of bird nettings available. You can always search online or the market in order to check out the latest options.

Heavy-duty Polyethylene Netting

Netting knotted with polyethylene is one of the robust and long-lasting types available that you can get installed in order to get freedom permanently from pest birds. These are commonly available as heavy-duty bird netting, which safeguard properties also from U.V rays and other external damages. Due to their powerful strength, such netting has the potential to withstand even rigid climatic conditions. Also, these nets possess excellent resistance to fire and have a high melting point. With such exceptional features, such nets are ideal for use in canopies, airline hangars, warehouses, overhangs and big external areas where complete protection from birds is needed.

Polypropylene Extruded Plastic Netting

Another excellent and trusted form of bird netting is plastic netting made with polypropylene. It is robustly constructed plastic netting that is useful in excluding pest birds, especially from gardens and homes. It is because despite being extremely strong, these nets are very lightweight, and for this reason, they are also very easy to install. Usually, plastic bird netting is considered a great solution to keep away pest birds from orchards and crops. It is ideal to protect all types of crops and plantations. You can even hang these nettings from eaves of your house to avail protection from species like woodpeckers and swallows. It is not a long-term solution to keep away birds and is also known as seasonal bird netting solutions.

While these are two major types of bird nettings, the market is full of other varieties of bird netting that can offer you with complete protection from these harmful pests. No matter which type of netting you choose, you must consider its mesh size so that the birds do not get through the netted area or get trapped in between the meshes. So depending on your requirement, you may conduct a small market research on type and mesh size of netting and protect all types of properties from these troubling pests.

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