10 Easy to make recipes after a tiring day at work

You started your day on a high note but by the time you end your day, you are exhausted, you have to drive home, you are hungry and you have to cook food. The mere thought of cooking food gives shimmers into your body and you don’t know what to do. You are puzzled what to cook and how much time it will take since hunger is taking toll on you. Don’t worry, we have a solution. These are few recipes which you can cook within a few minutes and beat your hunger. Also believe me they taste yummmm!!

1. Oats khichdi

Source — foodRhythms

Recipe: Soak Dal (of your choice) we suggest moong dal. Warm the ghee, add cumin then Ginger & hing in a cooker. Add Veggies like chili, carrots, cauliflower, capsicum, onions. Sauté for 2mins. Now add pinch of haldi for typical color of khichadi and salt followed by moong dal & oat. Stir it for say another one minute & add required amount of water. Now 2–3 whistles & here you go. Tasty, healthy kichadi is ready.

2. Cheese Toast

Source: International business Times

Recipe: Mix graded cheese 4 tbl spoon, coriander, chilli flakes or fine chopped green chili — 1, ginger 2–3 cloves nicely minced, black paper and salt as required & butter — 1tb spoon. Take bread of your choice (I take brown bread as it is healthy). Cut the bread diagonally & spread the mixture evenly & keep in a microwave for 5–7mins. When you will open the microwave that melting cheese will call you for a bite but be carefully as it will be too hot.

3. Pakora’s

Source: Food

Recipe: Take besan, coriander, jeera, green chilis, pinch of baking soda (you can replace baking soda with rice floor), pinch of haldi & salt to taste. Mix it well with required amount of water until the consistence of the batter will be like dosa batter. Now dip onion, aloo, cauliflower, carrot etc. & defray. Your yummmmmm pakodas are ready. Have it with tomato sauce.

4. Aloo Chaat

Source: Maps of India

Recipe: Pill off aloo & cut in the cube of ½” each. Boil for 7–8 minutes. In a bowel take bhuna jeera powder, red chili powder, amchoor powder, black pepper, black salt, a chopped clove of ginger, green coriander & a pinch of sugar. Mix all of them with boiled & rinsed aloo. And yes its ready. Tangy Aloo Chaat. If you wish you can also add roasted papad, corn flakes etc to this.

5. Masala Puri

Source: Wiki

Recipe: In a bowel plain floor, besan, you can also take some portion of ravachili powder, jeera powder, kasturi methi, chopped coriander, ajwain & salt to taste.

Now make the dove but it should be little harder than chapatti dove. Make even sized puris & deepfry in hot oil on medium flame until crispy brown. Serve with dahi.

6. Coconut laddu

Source: Chef in you

Recipe: Take coconut power (easily available in market) add a pinch of elaichi powder & a generous amount of milkmaid. Sauté it for 3–4mins. Be careful it should not stick to the bottom & should not change the color. Let is rest for another 2–3 mins. Take a hand dipped in water and make small small laddus. Easy & instant.

7. Fruit Salad

Source: Mccormick

Recipe: Take all seasonal fruits together in a bowel. Add pinch of sugar if you wish. Add cream to the bowel & mix well. Have a final layer of chopped dry fruits & ready to eat.

8. Paneer Sewai

Source: Evergreen recipes

Recipe: Take Maida sewai & blanch it for a munite in boiling water & stir immediately under running tab water & coat with little oil. In a bowel add chopped chilli, crushed paneer, pomegranate seeds, chopped guava, some matar ke dane, pinch of sugar & salt to taste. Add sewai to this mixture & mix well. Waooo a truly delightful dish is ready. You don’t need anything else with it.

9. Chilla

Source: penmai

Recipe: Take mixture of chopped Cauliflower, Green chilly/ Red Chilly power, Ginger, Tomato paste, Hing, Salt & chopped Coriander add half besan & half aata. Mix it well with water to the consistence of idli batter. Take non stick pan & spread the batter little thick in round shape. Brush with some oil & turn to other side to bake. Ready? then have it with either tomato sauce or curd.

10. Omlet

Source: Vaangu

Recipe: In a bowel, add finely chopped carrot, tomato, onion, green chili, coriander & salt to taste with of course eggs. Heat pan & make round shaped omelet. Brush it with oil & turn to bake on another side.

Now since you know what to cook when you are tired. Go and make all these dishes and share with your family, friends and colleague. Enjoy!!!

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