9 Annoying Things That Taxi Drivers Do

No one can match the swag of Rickshaw driver because they wouldn’t care what you think of them and they do as they please. Disregarding every rule in the book. Often this adamant behavior rubs us in the wrong manner and we get annoyed to the core. What can we do to change them? Nothing, that’s what we can do. Its their ride, their pride and they will do whatever they like.

When he drives too fast and furious


We go too sad too serious.


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Rejection that we cannot digest, but there is nothing we can do about it. Its his auto his rules.We know how annoying that is, but just gulp the insult down. There is always another auto available.

I have No change

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It’s not like he has a daily need store, if he says he doesn’t have change then he simply doesn’t, don’t bother asking for the remainder amount. Let him have it and walk away.

Constant halt

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He is leading a business. He is going to try to make his ride full of passengers. To accomplish that, he is gonna need to make many halts. These halts are so damn aggravating. What can we do about it? Pay more! no that’s not an option. Just endure it.

When he says he knows a shortcut

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And it turns out to be the longest route possible.

This auto runs on meter

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When you think the ride was by the meter, when it really wasn’t. Now you have to pay as he says, without having a slightest clue about the actual price.

No regards for signals


They won’t care about using the indicator or halting on closed signals. Because F**k that S**T.

Extra Charges for small distance

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One Kilometer extra will cost you that much more. 100% of the cases he won’t come to terms in taking you the extra mile in the same charge and you will be forced to walk.

Insane parking spots

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You don’t think this is true. Well go out and experience it for yourself. Taxi drivers cares for nothing. They will park anywhere literally anywhere.

Author: Ayank Chourasia

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