A Nagpur company who can save your home from theft

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Rakshak Electromech Devices is a company whose sole mission is to save your Home / Shop from theft. Security Systems of Rakshak Electromech Devices are used in almost 3000 offices and 5000 Homes, all over Maharashtra.

Mr. Hemant Kalikar is owner of Rakshak Electromech Devices. The company is having multiple products to their lists. One of the products is Electronic Security System. There are Magnetic sensors attached to Doors and Windows. When the system is ON and if any of the Door or Window is opened, the system detects the same and the Siren of 100 Decibel kicks in. In case the owner is not at home, he will get voice message / SMS about the incidence, through Auto Dialler. They are now in process of integrating all the service on mobile and implementing IoT in most of their systems.

Another useful product is “Dhan Rakshak”, Electronic Security Cash bag. If someone robs the bag, he will get the electric shocks from the bag; also Siren will start from the Bag. The Bag is having inbuilt GPS Tracking to know the location of the Bag.

Hemant Kalikar in News

Creative mind and inventions of Mr. Hemant Kalikar, made many people sleep peaceful nights. They claim that not a single bank is robbed where their systems are installed.

Apart from innovative products, they also sell CCTV Video surveillance System, Fire detection system, video door phone, boom barriers, metal detectors, access controls, Token Indicators etc.

So thieves, think twice while robbing. We had a better devices that can catch you easily without a cop.

Make your home secure by calling Rakshak. For sales enquiry call 9822579509

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