Anchoring is a creative job : Puja Singh

Puja Singh, a young and dynamic girl who’s name quite familiar in Central India’s events space told us about her love for anchoring, what makes her happy and what girls should do if they wish to become an anchor.

  1. Why did you become an anchor? What is your educational background?

A : I am a post graduate and did my masters in Mass Communication. Anchoring is a creative and challenging job and it needs a lot of creativity in you to become a good anchor. I chose to be an anchor because I find this profession creative. I am very talkative and I love to talk on different topics with different people. This can be one of the reasons why I chose to become an Anchor. Also, this profession gives me a lot of exposure and gave me an opportunity to earn name & fame along with the money.

2. What are the things you love about your job being an anchor? Who is your role model?

A : Meeting different people, talking, making them laugh on my jokes or punches, giving a contribution to make any event successful with your ability to handle any situation are the things which makes me really happy. It give me job satisfaction which is really important for me.

And about role model, sorry I do not have any role model. I don’t follow anybody. I just try to perform better than myself and learn from mistakes.

3. What is the most difficult part of being an anchor?

A : As far as anchoring is concerned, I do not see any difficulties in my job. However, being in a creative field the challenge I see is something of a different type. The problem many time anchors face is the bargaining for the payment. Being in a creative field such behavior irritates me.

4. What would you advice the young girls who chose anchoring as a career?

A : I would Definitely advice the young girls to read a lot. Keep your vocabulary of different languages strong. Be aware about the current affairs, be spontaneous. An anchor should have a bundle of beautiful words to make his/her speakings treat to the ears of the audience.

Anchoring is not only about good looks. Of course one needs to look presentable on stage but that’s not enough. An anchor is suppose to be smart enough to handle the situation during any event.

5. We would love to hear an interesting story which you encountered during your job or life.

A : It’s been quite a long time that I am in this field. I have many experience but would like to share this one with the readers.

I was hosting an employee get together for a company and more than 200 people were present in the event. Everything was going great when some technical problem occurred and the mic stopped working. But as someone has said, the show must go on. I continued my anchoring without mic for more than half hours and at the end of the event, I got a lot of appreciation from the MD of that company.

I shared this event just to tell the young brigade that its not only a show business but, a responsible job. The master of Ceremony needs to be ready for any odd situation and dedicated towards making an event smooth and successful.

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