Five Fake Theories

Oh, yeah. Got theory explaining this? But, what’s a theory? Bunch of logically interrelated. concepts is a theory aiming to explain observations we make of the universe. Sure. But,do you know: Concepts are to be discarded, if they don’t legitimate themselves vis-à- vis observations? They are to be corrected, if their correspondence with observed things is established, negligently? They are to be replaced by suitable others, if a new theory can be developed, which can explain observations in better way and more in number? And, for sure, theory used beyond its limitations is a fake theory?

What? Know no fake theories? Oh, many existed, and many exist even today! Here are

some examples.

1. Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

OMG! Ships and planes vanish without trace within a triangular region near Bermuda, Miami shore of the USA. Indeed, a great mystery. Uncle Tom claims unusual electromagnetic field in this region to explain the mystery. Oh, really? Why doesn’t electromagnetic field activity, originating due to some “unusual activity” within the Earth’s core, affect other regions of the Earth, also? Don’t you pay attention to the “validity” of the claim in comparison with other regions, say, the Cape of Good Hope? Well, when explored, there is no unusual number vanishing in the Bermuda triangle!

2. UFO, the Unidentified Flying Object

Wow, you spotted UFO and even the ET! Photographed? Great! We got it! But, sorry; scientists claim: no concrete and reliable claim of the sighting of a UFO/ET exists. (This does not mean that we on the Earth are “alone” in the Universe.) Most claims can be explained as optical illusions of definite type. Know this? Human mind uses the “matched filtering” technique of the theory of signal detection to identify shapes. In the presence of noise; and noise always exists; false alarms of signal detection, shape detection, occur. Is your spotting UFO/ET, false alarm? Check it out first. Theorizing about UFO/ET? Such are fake theories, for sure

3. Flat Earth

Flat Earth? Didn’t Rakesh Sharma and other astronauts see from the space that the Earth is spherical in shape, like we see the Moon from the Earth? No, BIG NO. They all have fooled us using trick photography. Some still believe that the Earth is flat like a piece of paper. Proponents of flat Earth theorize to explain terrestrial observations, also. But, their concepts are not legitimate, these concepts not holding vis-à- vis other observations.

4. Atoms of the Living Matter

Seen motion of powder particles suspended in a liquid drop under the microscope? Today, Brownian motion is commonly taught in schools. But, seldom gets it stressed that Robert Brown, a biologist, imagined living matter to be consisting of indivisible living matter, likewise to atomists of his times imagining matter to be consisting of indivisible blocks, the atoms. But, Ramsey used thermodynamics in 1827 to explain Brown’s observations. Brown’s theory and his concepts got discarded, as a consequence.

5. Planets affecting life on the Earth

Great Newton. Assuming body as exerting a force of gravity on any another body, he explained observations; for example, of bodies falling to ground at the same instant when released from the same height at the same moment. Remember, Galileo at the leaning tower of Pisa? So, likewise to Newton, you want to assume a force of any planet on a human being on the Earth to predict the future of that person? Sure, then tell how this

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