How to deal with an introvert partner?

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Is your partner an introvert? Confused about how to deal with her/him? We will help you out with some tips below.

1. Get to the point

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If you are having a conversation with your introvert friend, get to the point quickly or you may have a vibe that they don’t want to talk. Don’t misunderstand that introvert are not comfortable in small talk, sound them little bit as an entertainer.

2. Respect their privacy

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If you are sharing your room or if you are very close with an introvert, give them their time to do things. Give them their privacy, because they love their privacy more than anything.

3. Don’t force them to talk

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Inner world folks are happy in their own world. Sometimes they sound moody, if they are not willing to do a particular thing which you are excited to do, they will refuse you and it may break you heart.

4. Compliment them in front of others

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Compliment them in the company of others more than complimenting in front of no one. Introverts have little chance of getting out of introversion. Still they like compliment if you do it in front of others.

5. Don’t try to make them more extroverted

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Extroverts feel that introverts are anti-social, and they are not totally wrong in thinking like that. Introverts are antisocial. They don’t need any help from people, they love to be lonely. Just accept them as they are, and appreciate what they bring to the relationship. Trust their every decision and don’t try to change their basis. Love them for their introversion.

Author: Piyush Rishi

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