Massive Lake Found In Deep Antarctica’s Ice

Scientists have discovered a giant lake which was buried deep under the ice and isolated for 25 million years. This has been the second largest sub glacial lake discovery after the massive lake of Vostok was found and became the sixth largest lake on planet. According to researchers, the newly lake is smaller than lake Vostok but it could be explored more for life.

Ice of the surface was unusually grooved on a large scale, indicating the potential presence of liquid water below. The water below the ice remains liquid since geothermal heating balances the heat loss at the ice surface. The pressure causes the melting point of water to be below zero degree Celsius. The ceiling of the sub glacial lake will be at the level where the pressure melting point of water intersects the temperature gradient.

Here you can have exact detailing about how the scientist discovered the giant lake underneath Antarctica’s ice and study the reason behind why ice lake was buried for 25 million years.

Author: Piyush Rishi

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