The world looks at me and says Srikanth you can’t do anything

The world looked at him in disgust and developed a preconceived notion about him, even before he could barely move a muscle the whole world termed him as loser who will never amount to anything. Most part of India where kids who are born with physical disabilities or are differently abled never get much appreciation and most of them are butchered at birth. Luckily, Srikanth’s parents were different, as he so proudly calls them richest couple in the world. Not because of the success, Shrikanth has attained throughout his life but because of their higher level of thinking and thought process that truly makes them rich.

School Life

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Srikanth’s life wasn't a easy one. Being blind by birth only added to his family problem. His parents could only manage to earn 20,000 Rs a month. The world wanted them to get rid of him but they choose a different route. They decided to educate him and got him into a school that was in a distant village. He used to travel through the muddy lakes and swamps, everyday just so he can reach his schools. That wasn't the only problem of school life, students and teachers too discriminated him as he wasn't “normal”. Well, none of that could stop him from being an ace in every subject and securing 90% in the 10th grade.

His fight against the system

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Even though he was an ace student who managed to score 90% in 10th grade, he was still denied entry in his choice of field which was science. The state told him that due to his blindness he can only take up arts and science would be too tough for him. Srikanth now found himself stuck in another puddle and this time the puddle was made by the Government. Instead of taking up arts he decided to sue the government and fought a 6 month long legal battle, which he ended up winning and getting his wish fulfilled. He was now 6 months late and barely had any material to study. Odds again stacked him but guess what Srikanth pulls through it and secures a whooping 98%.

IIT rejected me, so I rejected them

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School life done and now it was time for college, but history repeated itself again and Srikanth was denied the hall ticket for competitive exams of IIT. In-turn Srikanth decided to reject IIT’s and all who never wanted him. He instead applied for the top 4 schools of USA and got into one of those. The MIT, Stanford, Berkeley and Carnegie, welcomed him with open arms.

Bollant Industries

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It’s not like discrimination is only in India, he too faced some problems there but they never doused his spirit. He completed his graduation and came back to India in 2012, He could have worked for any corporate firm or could be anywhere he wanted to, but he opted to come back and do something for the people who faced similar problems like he did. He knew that 10 % population of the nation are capable of achieving things too. So he decided to start an industries namely Bollant Industries. Whose net worth is now 50 Cr and even Ratan Tata invested in his industry. Bollant Industries currently has over 450 employees of which 60% are physically challenged.

Hear his tale through his own words

From all of us at Reacho, we would like to wish him all the best for his future endeavours and wish he attains all kinds of success he had hoped for with his Bollant industries. Srikanth you are an inspiration for us and everyone across the globe.

Author: Ayank Chourasia

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