These hilarious parody account of celebrities on twitter will make you go ROFL

These hilarious parody accounts of some celebrities will make you go ROFL. Most of these celebrities are supposedly very (un)successful in Bollywood. Have a laugh, follow the accounts on twitter and don’t forget to share this with your friends.

1. Bobby Deol — An Outdated Swag of Bollywood

Source: Bollywood Life

He tried his level best to be a successful actor but failed to charm audience when he signed deadly flopped script like Bichoo and Nanhe Jaisalmer. Thus, audience decided to reward his movies like this:

If you can’t entertain audience, at least don’t harass them.

To you too, Bicchoo please

Naak kaant di Abhay ne humare parivaar ki

2. Master Blaster can make any record than winning as a captain

Source: IPL

After Adnan Sami, Anant Ambani is the one who lost weight so far.

3. Mr. Chopra, did you really worked for Bollywood?

Source: Indian Forums

Mr. Chopda ‘working hard’ for a movies which never took off.

4. Babu Bhaiyya on stage

When Babu Bhaiyya hits King Khan’s recent movie “FAN”

Now we will see full page ads of AAP in the newspapers of Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

Would 3D Arnab Goswami will hit Babu Bhaiyya? scroll below!

5. 3D Arnab Goswami, see what he tells to Nation.

Would Sir Ravindra Jadeja will hit 3D Arnab Goswami? scroll below!

6. Sir Ravindra Jadeja

This gonna be a huge one from Sir Jadeja

When KXIP defeat RCB. This was going to happen but he failed to entertain public.

Even haters can’t say this

7. Jr. Bachchan- A tag of flop

Source: IBNLive

Life after marriage. #Reality

He rehashed his father’s dialogue. Good creativity Jr. Bachchan

Even if Jr. Bachchan has no parody account, he tweets as if he has a parody twitter account. It seems, he knows that his life is a joke on which people are laughing. #Respect

Author: Piyush Rishi

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