These tricks will make sure that you will have a stress free day

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Stress management is the need of hour. People pay huge fortunes to live a stress free life. Many companies provide courses to get their employees overcome stress. There are professional in the market who charges huge amount for the same. Everybody cannot afford to spend money on professionals or be part of these companies. Hence we have tried to collate few simple techniques which you can try and overcome stress

Let’s go through some of the basic techniques:

1. Recognize the things you cannot change

Accepting things which are not in your control will help you from avoiding dissatisfaction, which is the root cause of stress. While you are traveling to your office and you know that it’s going to be a high rush period. Accepting it and trying to find solutions, on how you can make your journey pleasant is what you can control. So accept the fact and be happy. You will feel more relaxed.

2. Avoid stressful situation

Remove yourself from the source of the stress. If your family squabbles during a family gathering, give yourself a breather by walking down the street or nearby park. All you need is to temporarily cutoff from the scene and engaging it positively.

3. Get exercise

Getting exercise every day is one of the easiest and best way to cope with stress. When we exercise, our brain releases chemicals, which makes you feel good. Also it can help to release frustration. Finding something you enjoy, whether it is cycling, walking, running or playing games like badminton, tennis, football and doing it for 30 min will just do the trick.

4. Do something you enjoy

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When you are down and out. Do something which will pick you up. It could be simple as reading a book, listening to music, watching a movie or having dinner with your friends. Following a hobby like painting, craft can be one of the option. Whatever you chose, try to do one thing a day.

5. Learn new ways to relax.

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Practicing relaxation techniques is great way for handling daily stress. Relaxation techniques help is slowing down heart rates and reducing blood pressure. There are many types of techniques, meditation to yoga, ti chi to deep breathing. Take a class or leaning it from video, books can also help. There are lot of videos available on You tubes for reference.

6. Getting enough sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep can help you think clearly and have more energy. Sleep will make it easier to handle problem which crop up. One should target to get at least 7–9 hours of sleep every night.

7. Eat a healthy diet

Eating healthy food fuels your body and mind. Skip those high sugar dietsandinclude more vegetable,fruits,whole grams, low fat or nonfat dairy, and lean proteins. Beverages like tea, coffee, soft drinks should be avoided. Diet is one of the major reason for stress. Try to avoid it.

8. Learn to say NO

If your stress is coming from taking on too much at work and home. Learn to set limits. Ask people to help whenever required. This will help you to reduce burdens. Better handling of task at hand, increases productivity and lower the stress level.

9. Time Management

Setting logical deadlines and working towards it will reduce unnecessary stress. There are lot of learning material available in the market for time management. Taking classes or attending few courses on time management can help you plan your time effectively.

There are so many healthy ways to handle stress. Try few of these given techniques and check which one works best for you.

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