Top Hangout Places In Nagpur To Enjoy Drink With You Buddies

College life is all about hangout with buddies, roadtrips, love relationships (be it for just couple of months) and drinks. College buddies make pretty good jugaad for money from their father #BaapKaPaisa. However, they fail to make the most of it, often visiting dull places. Learnings this, we at Reacho have came up with the list lounges which will earn you a thrilling experience! So buddies read on! Visit! And sip pitchers and mugs and zoom in unison.

1. 10 Downing Street

Youngsters would have a wonderful time over varied range of beverages sandwiched in between fabulous delicacies. The chefs at work serve you authentic Chinese and European cuisines. The taste of tit bits of food alongside colourful cocktails and mocktails will take you to an interesting journey all together. The time spent across the table becomes more delightful under the dim lights alongside soothing music.

If you visit, your friends and girlfriends will remember the time spent under such lively ambiance and welcoming interior.

Google Maps Link: 10 Downing Street

2. Fiona

Fiona is well known for its dance floor and parties, a perfect vibe of partying and nightlife. Interior is quite spacious to go for a dance with DJ on the floor. Here, you can also down your glasses, on the rocks. The manager and bartenders are very cordial.

Google Maps Link: Fiona

3. Spot9

If your mood demands excitement, this is the place your must visit and go crazy. The sit-down Spot9 will surprise you with brilliant DJ and massive dance floor. It becomes even more exciting when you are introduced to private booths. Yes! Private booths for couples to sizzle over long combos of convos. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go and spice up the mood on the weekends. The best place for saturday night to shake legs and put an end to your boring mood.

Google Maps Link: Spot9

4. Ethyl

In Nagpur, ethyl bar is trending at a high speed. It’s one of Nagpur’s more upscale bars with an elegant feel to it. The classy interiors have huge glass doors and walls and luxury upholstered seating, all beneath a strikingly painted ceiling. The bar is pretty big with a range of drinks and quite an extensive list of exclusive wines. It’s a perfect place to meet with colleagues and friends.

Google Maps Link: Ethyl

5. Royal Lancers

Take out your casuals and go royal to Royal Lancers. A place to unwind after a busy day. It is one of the outlets that serve wide range of beverages, be it alcoholic or non alcoholic ones. The exclusive snacks in company of wines, cocktails and mocktails from bartender surely throws relaxation for grabbing. Go enjoy the luxurious ambiance and unwind fatigue of daily chores.

Google Maps Link: Royal Lancer

6. Rhythm and Blues

The perfect place to unravel monotony of tiring day. It is the most happening outlet where beautiful girls and handsome guys are seen hanging out most often. Staff out there will treat you like a king in company of your queen. The musician will also ensure that the experience delivered is excellent. Its skilled barman behind the longest bar counter in city, will serve you the liquor you name. A glass of WINE at R&B will surely make your day SHINE.

Google Maps Link: Rhythm and Blues

7. Nottee

Known for its fun ambiance, it’s a great place to hang out with friends. The menu has a selection of reasonably priced drinks and finger food. There’s a pretty good D.J., so you can always break a few moves on the dance floor. This is the kind of place where college students or young people can be found enjoying their drinks.

Google Maps Link: Notte

Author: Piyush Rishi

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