Transgenders who held significant political positions

A country like India where gender issues of opposite sex still persists, leave out the rights of transgender or LGBT community. India has a long way to go and so does the whole world in dealing with these different kinds of people. In-spite of all the abuse they receive, there are a few who have risen above the social strata and made it into politics. We have compiled a list of few notable transgender personalities who have held (or ran for) significant positions in politics.

Jennifer McCreath 2015 (Canada)

Source: telegram

Jennifer McCreath was a candidate for strength in democracy, who ran for federal election in 2015 and was the first transgender to do so

Jamie Lee Hamilton

.Source: Dailyxtra

She was born as James Arthur Hamilton but in the later part of his life decided to make the transition to other sex. She was the first transsexual person in Canada to stand for public office in Vancouver 1996. Although she did not win, she came really close to pulling off the impossible.

Marcella Di Folco

Source: ilrestodelcarlino

She was world’s first transgender person ever to be elected for a administrative role in Bologna Italy back in 1990.

Althea Garrison

Source: Mic

She was the first transgender person in american history to be elected as state legislator, however it was not publicly known at the time that she was a transgender. She served one term in Massachusetts House of Representatives.

Georgina Beyer

Source: tvnz.

Georgina Beyer became world’s first transgender to hold a significant position. She was elected to be the mayor of the Carterton District, New Zealand.

Felipe “Alejandra” González Pino, 2004

Source: publimetro.

She was the first transgender councilmen in the Chile’s history.

Kim Coco Iwamoto

Source: nydailynews

She was elected as a member of Hawaii board of education official in United States, she was also the first openly transgender american to win a state office.

Jenny Bailey 2007

Source: rainbow cambridge

She was the first Transgender mayor in United Kingdom.

Stu Rasmussen 2008

Source: Articles.latimes.

She became America’s first openly known transgender lady to ever hold the position of mayor. She was the mayor of the Oregon in America.

Madhu Bai Kinnar

Source: dnaindia

Matching steps with the world, India too found its own very first transgender Mayor in Madhu Bai Kinnar. She is the first openly transgender mayor of Raigarh.

Author: Ayank Chourasia

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