Trendy Hair Colors For Girls And Women

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Hair colors and highlights are talk of the town now. Everyone is trying new hair colors which are trending and different in their own way. If you want to try out any one of them we have some latest trends for hair colors for every age groups.



This color will give you a warm effect, specially suitable for winters and springs. Auburn is trending for highlights and is good for young girls. If you have medium curls have this color on lower streax or if you have straight hair get this color and you will look like a God’s angel.


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Eating or applying choclate is suitable for everyone and every complexions. This color never goes out of fashion. If you like darker brown shades you must go for chocolate hair color and you’ll surely be in notice.


Go bold with purple! Women have proved that they all are not less than godesses and this color is getting popular among women. If you are not a fan of light lavenders or violets and want to stand out then purple is surely your color.


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For women who are in their 30’s, this color will take you to the next level. Burgundy is always a comfortable and sweet color. Plus this color will make you look more young and is ruling over the other colors.

Red Color With Blue Highlights


This color is for young girls and teens who are beautiful and charming in their own way. This color will always make you look so different from others . A bit of blue in red will add up to freshness and will always be edgy.


Source: stylesweekly

Women who are in their forties, this color is idealistic option for them. Ombre hair color is perfect because this is not too bold or sassy and is the best option. While this is dark color, it fits perfectly giving you a natural look.

Author: Simran Jhambia

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