Prescription Drugs — Side Effects

It is a worldwide phenomenon that once you’re taking a medication to cure a particular problem, you will also be taking medications for the side effects. If you take too many pills and get addicted for a medication, you have a pill to help you stop taking that medication which is known as the “Drug Cascade” in the medical world.

In one of the recently published article in Time Magazine, “Roughly 91 Americans are dropping dead every day of opioid (medicine) overdoses — in their homes, in their cars”. There are so many drugs that people consume for their primary purposes of curing one problem however when you look at the side effects, seldom people care about the side effects because cognitively people tend to find solution that cures the main problem.

For example, there are potential side effects from Opioids (pain medications):

  • Constipation — Complications can range from uncomfortable hemorrhoids to life-threatening bowel obstruction
  • Depression — Depression is a disorder of brain which is a serious medical illness. Anti-depressants may help however it has its own side effects that need to be managed

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