Second opinion for healthcare

Doctor waits to give an opinion

We all know that we expect a perfect world that consists only the best, access to best healthcare, access to affordable healthcare, and get the right healthcare. Expecting is the human’s innate quality but are we getting all of that, ironically no. Our research indicates an unfortunate impact on patient care influenced by healthcare systems with lacking investments, unregulated health laws and policies, patient exploitation leading to miss-diagnosis of healthcare problem.

Arguably the most serious impact from this is the needless suffering of patients and ultimately the loss of life from treatable and preventable conditions. As we all know “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is a thought provoking phrase that we have to imbibe in our life. According to WHO “Prevention is better than cure” says Romanian doctors. An epidemic of noncommunicable disease is sweeping Romania. The root cause was traced back to a missed diagnosis when a female aged 75 consulted general practitioner twice complaining her problems. The General Practitioner told that there was nothing to be worried about. Shortly after that she had her first stroke, later on second stroke with a following hospitalization. Reference

We have heard similar stories within our own family, or from a friend or from a far relative who have been victim of miss-diagnoses. What if there was an opportunity for each one to seek second opinion.

OpinionPlus is aimed at providing a platform for connecting patients with physicians worldwide. Download the app and seek 2nd opinion. Get comfort by knowing there are physicians who can give you unbiased opinion for your healthcare needs.