Feminists Will Hate Me For Saying This

I am a woman but would probably get a lot of hate for saying this:

First there was an increase in maternal leaves. Today I read that companies are giving paid leaves to their women employees for menstruration as well. I am emapthetic to women but giving more and more paid leaves will not foster gender equality that we all aim for.

Organizations will actually be scared of hiring a lot of women because of leaves. Today it’s period leaves, tomorrow there will be cramps. I am not saying that the pain is a farce — but we cannot be giving leaves in the name of periods. This defies whatever Feminism actually stands for. This is against equality.

On a separate note, my problem with these kind of initiatives is that majority of these corporate women are already empowered. Feminism in India today is mostly what I call “Urban Feminism”.

Like Capitalism makes rich people richer and poor people poorer, same is the case with feminism today. The women who are getting paid period leaves are the ones who sit in AC offices and attend meetings. Whereas, women in rural India get back to laborious work within weeks of their delivery, sometimes even less.

While urban women have access to hot water bottles, rich diet and painkillers, rural women don’t have access to even sanitary napkins. And they physically toil throughout the day.

Let’s not be bias against men and women of lower strata in the name of advertisement for your organization and (urban) women empowerment.

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