Steadfast Founders Step Down and Move Up

Partners launch consultancy and level up their category defining coffee soda.

NASHVILLE — After setting the mark for coffee quality and hospitality in Nashville, the founding members of award winning Steadfast Coffee have stepped down from the company to lend their expertise to national coffee vendors and expand operations of their passion project, Matchless Coffee Soda. A beverage that, like their café, has garnered its own local cult following.

On Monday, Sean Stewart, Nathanael Mehrens, and Jamie Cunningham announced the launch of their hospitality focused firm Up & Up Consulting. The firm will help venture capitalists, investors, and entrepreneurs achieve measurable returns by implementing scalable, talent retaining, and culture fostering systems into their businesses. With more than 30 years of coffee and startup experience between them, the Up & Up team helps clients break into wholesale roasting and retail coffee markets sharing invaluable trade secrets on how to maximize current assets and stay viable year after year. “When it comes to restaurant hospitality, specifically within the coffee industry, we’ve seen it all,” said Cunningham. “Now, more than ever, we want to use what we’ve learned to help other entrepreneurs avoid common mistakes and achieve long-term, sustainable growth.” Up & Up will offer their clients on-the-ground and/or remote assistance granting access to their extensive resources and key industry relationships.

This brand of proficiency is one that is hard earned, gleaned from working through the pain and struggles common in young entrepreneurship. “Integrity is key,” said Stewart. “Rapid growth and consumer loyalty are directly tied to honest business practices that improve the lives of employees and vendors.” This principle was evident in the ability of the trio to produce the highest quality experience for their café customers while maintaining impressive employee training, demeanor, and retention.

In addition to consulting, Mehrens will be spearheading the growth and development of their burgeoning brand Matchless Coffee Soda. Fans of the unique drink, currently served on tap at Steadfast and other regional establishments, have been asking to see their favorite afternoon pick-me-up in cans. Mehrens intends to deliver. Plans to expand operations and production at local brewery Fat Bottom are already underway with sights set on retail shelves nationwide. “I wanted to create a drink that captured the refreshing characteristics of high quality coffee,” said Mehrens. “The local response has been incredible and we’re really looking forward to finally being able to partner with our favorite shops and stores across the country.”

The future is bright for Stewart, Mehrens, and Cunningham. They’re certainly on the Up & Up.

You can get in touch with Up & Up Consulting by emailing or Matchless Coffee Soda at or visiting