To the dear friend who tied the knot..

An attempt at giftwrapping a few words as a token of warmth as she begins a new chapter of her life…

Dedicated to all the BFF’s:

I remember this girl, though now quite faintly;

Who walked into my life just about daintily,

We were set up together for this school spree,

This talkative girl, well she was quite different from me.

A shopaholic- the bags, the shoes, the accessories, the sunglass tint,

And not to forget the crazy love for animal print!!

Madness and melodrama are words that best defined her,

“Can you keep it simple?”, I’d often remind her

She bought with her, some charm, some bling;

Only that I’d get a heart attack when she’d sing!

Fortunately, we happened to walk miles together;

Discussing feeling, or films or sometimes, just the weather.

Silly fights to deep insights to sleepless nights, we bore it all;

Pulled it off well enough and the bond stood tall!

Sometimes right next door, while at others miles apart,

What continued was the fondness in the heart!

To say the least, well, I was elated,

To hear the news much awaited

Emotions mixed, feelings juxtaposed,

My dearest confidante, there she stood betrothed

And as she walks down the aisle tiptoed,

I wish her immense happiness in her new found abode!

© 2016 reachyashika. All rights reserved.