This year, our lineup’s bound to be star-studded 🌟

React Day Berlin’s first speakers have been announced. There’s still space for you to join in

We’ve been working hard for the conference to take shape and we couldn’t be happier with what it already looks like. The 9 speakers that are currently onboard will bring their perspectives on what important is going on in the #ReactJS, React Native, and GraphQL scene, and you definitely shouldn’t miss out on them in December. Check out their proposed topics and awesome GitHub repos linked on our website:

Coming next week, we’ll start selling Regular tickets, but there’s one more way for you to enjoy the conference. Do you have a great project or a work-in-progress you’d like to present, but don’t have an audience for? Then come, join our speakers onstage, and get your 1̶5̶ 30 minutes of fame. We’re super interested in what you can to bring to the table, and so is the Berlin tech scene. Just keep in mind that our Call For Papers is going to be open only for a few more days.

You better hurry up and 📩 submit today!

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