We’re super excited to announce that our schedule for the 2020 edition is now available online. We will have the co-creator of GraphQL, CodeSandbox, Next.js, MaterialUI, react-spring, Amplify, BuilderX, Expo Web, Parcel.js and more!

Many thanks again to everyone who sent a proposal, they were of such high quality that we added a second Discovery track on day 2. …

A few days ago we posted a poll on our ReactEurope twitter asking people which form libraries they would use if they were to start a new project.

The results unsurprisingly reflected npm download stats with formik ahead but what npm numbers don’t show is that almost as many users do not use any library at all and just rely on react hooks and lifecycle functions.

formik is the dominant one, it relies on react to manage forms while final-form can be used without it and makes use of subscriptions, it is also about half the size. Both formik…

We’re super excited that Sibelius Seraphini, one of the most proficient open source contributor in the community including Relay, will be giving a workshop on Relay.js with all the latest bells and whistles on the 16th of May.

If like us, you religiously watched the latest presentations on how the React, Relay and Facebook webcore team cooperated to build the new Facebook F5 and if you’ve been wanting to build the same optimizations that come with concurrent mode into your own apps, then this workshop is for you!

Here are some of the points you will learn:

  • Best Practices for…

The React community is moving to TypeScript fast & it can be hard to keep up. What better way to learn about both TypeScript & how to migrate a React app to it than with none other than @mweststrate who wrote MobX in TypeScript?

GraphQL is also taking over the world and has typing included, however, it’s a pity that you often have to define your typing twice, once in your GraphQL backend and then again on the client. Michel will show you how to make this process easier during the workshop.

You can get your ticket and more info…

We’re thrilled to announce our first Gatsby workshop on the 12th of May at ReactEurope that will be given by the good folks from the Gatsby team itself including Madalyn Parker and Josh Comeau.

Gatsby is a very versatile tool that allows you to do many things with it to display and manage your content but also build actual dynamic apps so we are very excited about the outline we came up with that will enable you to build powerful apps with it:

- Getting started with Gatsby
- CSS and layout
- Querying data with GraphQL, working with CMS’ like Contentful…

React Navigation

We’re excited to announce that Satyajit Sahoo and Michał Osadnik will be giving a talk on Cross-platform routing in react-navigation. Both of them are core-contributors to react-navigation and are working on v5 which is a complete rewrite with very exciting features coming up.

We’re also happy to announce that Satyajit and Michał will also be helping during the React Native workshop which will also feature Eric Vicenti, author of react-navigation and Jon Samp from Expo.

Get your ticket here https://www.react-europe.org/#tickets

We also have 4 other workshops on React.js, Next.js, Forms, GraphQL and more.

Cheers and see you soon,

-the ReactEurope team

PS: if you would like to sponsor the conference, get in touch with us at reacteurope@eventlama.com

We’re super excited to release more details on our Next.js workshop at ReactEurope 2020. It will be done by core contributors of Next.js from ZEIT with Joe Haddad who recently worked on the new chunking behavior and JJ Kasper who recently worked on support for SPR.

For those who don’t know, Next.js is one of the top React framework production with great DX that makes teams more productive. Google is even investing resources into the project.

Here are the details about the workshop:

  • Introduce Next.js (what is it, what values it provides)
  • Explain Next.js’ Router (pages/ or src/pages)
  • Explain…

New edition, new venue, new website!

We’re super excited to announce that the first round of tickets to ReactEurope 2020 (on May 14–15 in Paris) conference and workshops will be available on Monday, September 9th at 08:00am UTC (10am Paris/Amsterdam, 9am London). As per tradition, there will be contributors tickets again (1 commit merged into master = 1% discount) and great workshops so make sure to mark your calendar!

We’re also happy to announce that we will be getting a new venue this year to provide more comfort and a whole new experience. …

Do you want to give a workshop at #ReactEurope? We’ve just opened our Workshops Call for Paper 📣 📣, you can submit your proposal here 👇👇


Looking forward to what your proposals!

Note: our speakers call for paper will come at a later date, this CFP is only for workshops.

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We’re happy to announce that our next edition will be on May 14–15, 2020!

Our first speakers so far are Ives van Hoorne (creator of codesandbox.io), Shruti Kapoor (Software Engineer PayPal working with GraphQL and React), Devon Govett (author of Parcel and React.js contributor) and Tim Neutkens (co-author of Next.js at Zeit.co).

Make sure to subscribe here to get notified when tickets are available.

Last but not least:
Do you want to give a workshop at #ReactEurope? We’ve just opened our Workshops Call for Paper 📣 📣, you can submit your proposal here.

Our speakers call for paper will come at a later date, this CFP is only for workshops. Stay tuned!

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The first European React.js and Native conference in Paris, France. Next edition will be on May 14–15, 2020. Official hashtag is #ReactEurope.

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