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Hi guys. This time you get to read the next story in our journey from me, Sorin. A few weeks ago we joined Innovation Labs, a preacceleration program for startups.

I have to be honest with you, I didn’t have any hopes entering this program. But, as you’re about to find out, my perspective changed once everything started.

It all started with a hackathon. One weekend, together with 24 other teams we entered this hackathon with nothing more than an idea — and a prototype ;) — not really knowing what to expect. Well, 24 hours later we were pitching…

Hi there. I’m Bob, your every day programmer. My business partner is Sorin, also daytime programmer. This is the story of how we started a business.

One sunny summer day I had my bike stolen from in front my house. After such an incident our best idea was to build an alternative urban transport mode.

With that being said we started to build our own DIY e-board with off the shelf RC parts. After the first prototype we decided to construct our own CNC machine, to make the aluminum holders parts. We started working in Sorin’s garage. The place got…

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