The RCT Airdrop (0.5%)

We will allocate 0.5% or 500,000 $RCT to a total of three groups of participants.

To function smoothly, we aim to get RCT tokens into the hands of supportive and active participants of Astroport, Anchor and Terra.

The following groups will receive a distribution of maximum 500,000 RCT tokens:

  1. Astroport (350k)
  • ASTRO-UST LP holders (100k) (including lockdrop participants)
  • xASTRO stakers (250k)

2. Astroport bLuna-Luna LP holders (50K) (including lockdrop participants)

3. ANC token stakers (100k)

Airdrop amount for each criteria

  • Minimum: 1 $RCT
  • Maximum: 1000 $RCT

Airdrop will be claimable after Phase-2.

E.g. One address can receive up to a maximum airdrop amount of 3000 $RCT.

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Reactor is an optimized yield platform built to boost rewards on Terra. We aim to boost rewards for all Terra projects that adopt a VE-structure.