Meet the REACTOR: Pedro Ferreira STRDEO co-founder

Pedro Ferreira is the STRDEO Co-founder — a startup focused on Media Intelligence Solutions based at REACTOR Innovation Hub.

At REACTOR we are very curious about the future, so we challenged Pedro to talk about his startup and the future of media intelligence.

For Pedro, Deep Learning, machine learning, communication and cloud will enable the Artificial Intelligence that will shape the future of media.
 For us is an exciting future.

REACTOR: How STRDEO project started?

Pedro: I was working in the television content production when I met Nuno, who was interested in video streaming and cloud systems, and he wanted to combine it somehow. We exchanged insights about it, and we got very thrilled about the possibilities. Later, remembering all the previously exchanged ideas, Nuno challenged me to be part of a project that grew and becomes what is STRDEO today.

REACTOR: How can companies benefit from Media Intelligence?

Pedro: There are many ways that companies can benefit from this technology. Several industries can use media intelligence to strengthen their value proposition.

One of them is the communication channels. For example, I began to work in 1997, and at that time people talk about the importance of content. Nowadays, everyone is producing content. People, in general, have ready immediate access to technology that allows to produce these contents with a camera, a phone or a computer. Everyone is creating it; the common people are producing more than the professionals!

The opportunity here is that people are producing a lot of content, but we are not able in finding it quickly. So, we can infer that we could use that content for other purposes too. The content repurpose is a way to get more value.

Google is one of the search engines that finds for a sentence we write, however for video is different. You can only find a video when someone labels it with all information, for example, video of meeting XYZ with the participants A, B and C. In order to label it in this way is time costly, and almost nobody is doing it. One of the goals is to automate this process. If we can identify the person, the voice and places then we can have a set of keywords that allow searching video as we do with Google.

Another industry that can benefit from media intelligence is the retail distribution. This industry needs to know the consumer trends in real time. For instance, when someone is shopping it may look only for her/his right direction, and maybe retailers are losing the opportunity to sell products that are on her/his left side. In situations like this, the process consists in the data extraction from images and analyzed afterwards so it can be created a solution to maximize opportunities.

Other industries I believe that can benefit from media intelligence are the security related ones. We can detect promptly irregular behaviors in a specific context and react accordingly.

From my point of view, many industries can benefit from media intelligence, but my favorite ones are the communication channels, the retail and security industries.

3- How do you see the future of Media Intelligence?

In the last 20 Years, few things evolved. However, there was a significant evolution in three major sectors. The first one is the communication channels. They changed to be more effective like streaming. The second one is the cloud technology. Before, we needed to buy expensive hardware to have the demanded processing power. Now we don’t need that. We have more affordable and easy technology to have even better processing power. Finally, the deep learning and the machine learning can extract data to build solutions.

Combining these three sectors, we can have the required processing power to enable a relevant AI that allows the business empowering.

We reached a point where the costs will drop significantly, and technology will continuously improve. The future couldn’t be more exciting!

For sure the “media intelligence” will change the industries. And here, at REACTOR, we will be in the front seat to see it happening. So, join us and be part of it too!

STRDEO combines advanced cloud-based media processing and artificial intelligence techniques, develops cutting-edge analysis, production and management systems for media, security and intelligence companies.

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