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React Studio’s Firebase plugin now Supports IN Queries!

React Studio
Dec 4, 2019 · 2 min read

Firebase has recently added a long waited feature to create “in” queries for Cloud Firestore database. This means you can easily query documents containing one of the parameter. In real life solutions this means that you can e.g. query Orders which state is either “In transit” or “Delivered” or “Ready to ship”.

Here’s an “Car finder project which showcases new Query use cases:

“In query” example

[“In transit”, ”Delivered”, “Ready to ship”]

Another notable new feature is that one can create “array-contains-any” query. This is really handy when you e.g. need to list documents which belong to certain category.

“Array-contains-any” example


You can write the queries into Query field in Data sheet after you update the Firebase plugins into latest versions.

How to get the update?

Plugin update appears when you open React Studio app. Just click “Plugins” -> “Plugin manager” -> “Update”

Click Open Plugin Manager
Click update

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