My New Book “Temperature of Art”

“Temperature of art” this book displays poetry with realism, insight, and humor. Poems reflecting the growth author T. Ponder went through, while facing many life struggles. Being in his early twenties, he has faced many obstacles throughout life. The largest being the loss of his mother to cancer.

Journaling life through art has been a part of T. Ponder’s personal development, and it appears through his craft. There are also two short stories in this work of art titled “Panic bracelet” and “Story of a life novel introduction”

Below are a few poems from “Temperature of art”


Unwrap the package

Put it in

Fingertips the smell of plastic

When it’s over, won’t know where to begin

Buttery soft lips, no need for chap-stick

Three minutes feels like five

Memorized what’s before the eyes

Hear the sounds

Watching it work

It’s twirling my thoughts

Countdown from minutes

Finally done, steamy and hot

I’m so amazed

Not sex, popcorn cooked in a microwave

Panoramic love

Tide of my eyelids swallows my vision

While thoughts become weightless

The void of her has great precision

I shall remain stainless

Inside and outside

True love is reversible

With moments that confide

Every touch is not rehearse-able

Air of despair is unaware

Our clarity is crystal

A thousand words within a stare

Although sight is fairly simple

With panoramic love

Fits us both like a glove

Doomed paper

Warm bottom, cold porcelain

Thoughts came as such

What’s the feel of bare butts

Runny noses, wipe ups

Through ups and downs

Still down to roll

Flush of a flux

Doomed piece of toilet paper

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