Carnism as an opportunity

Watching the development of Western society, it is sad to monitor the situation in the less developed societies. We are talking about hypocrisy when non-vegans fell differently about different species, but let’s remember ourselves: If you had not been a vegan since birth, did you have the same feeling about all before? I think, the love to animals is the main hook, pulling which you can rip the hypocrisy of meat-eating, which is called carnism.

The worst of all is the absence of complete compassion for animals. And in less developed societies this is shown in all its ugliness. So I can not understand the logic of personnel of municipal services, launching the announcement of the loss of an animal or human. What can this kind of society hope for?

There are many good people who will be able to open up a new way in becoming vegans. But how many humans, who are angry with the whole world? Those who believe that the blame for their own mistakes is somebody else?

Unfortunately, while some people are making the world a better place, others are seeking to destroy everything around. The first kind has much less quantity. However, everything is changing. This fact makes us believe in the mankind will be able to break out of the Middle Ages in their minds to match the level of technological development.

Veganism is not an option. Veganism is a necessity. For the sake of the animals, for the sake of the planet, for your own sake.

Mikhail Ivonin, John Donovan

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