Structuring Optimal Token Sales Amidst 2017’s ICO Mania
Brendan Bernstein

Nice work! My impression is that 90% of ICO investors seek short term profits, turning the whole altcoin ICO market cap into a huge decentralized ponzi scheme.

In the end, some random projects will make real advances, and these tokens will raise, given that …

1. The team is not only nice, but real and capable and

2. willing to perform sth and

3. hits the market just with the right product and

4. the disrupted, established industry does not fight back (e.g. visa mastercard go cyber in 1 or 2 month if they want) and

4. the success of the project also rewards the token holder

… and ..and, and, no such investor reflects all the stuff, well they currently give the money and ask for nice words in return.

So, right, the token mechanism of reward for token holders may end to be the first success factor, and then comes all the other stuff.

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