How to become number 1 seo consultant

How to become number 1 seo consultant

There are lots of seo company in all over the world and lots man working as seo consultant and every one want to become number 1 seo consultant but due to lack of full SEO knowledge you can not get number 1 position in google if you want then read our tips.

Tips for Becoming a Number 1 SEO consultant

1 — You must decide on which topic you want to create your own website or blog.

2 — Get full information on topic which you selected in this purpose you must type in google and type your selected topic and see first 15 websites and see what is different in all sites and which types of keywords are in all 15 websites. You collect all websites keywords in word file.

3 — You arrange 7 to 8 keywords topic in essay type and write top quality content with 1500 words and do not use more then 10 time your original keyword in content.

4 — After post on your site — you must index in all search engine especially in google.

5 — You must do 1 to 100 bookmarking on this page which you want to permote in google but daily do 10 bookmarking only.

6 — After completed bookmarking you must take dofollow post in relevant website or high ranking websites such as news types because these types of websites are generally updated regularly.

7 — Get related but dofollow comment on your created page which will help you to increase ranking in google.

8 — Use forum but create interesting post on forum and get comment on it too.

9 — Use all social media websites and post interesting daily which people like to read and put your link in post or story.

10 — If you have some money then you must buy ads on facebook and google also which ads will brings some visitors for you.

11 — Blogging is also one of the best SEO tool and your english and information must be good so must use our blog posting sites list

Avoid Form Following Mistake

DO not get links in case of post and simple text link irrelevant and also do not post adsense or affiliate on your sites when you start website. If your website related to one main topic then you do not post article to other topic.