Project 3

Ellen Elder and Adele Elder, 22 year old twins, are graduating the University of Mississippi in May 2017. After graduating they will be going their separate ways and living in different cities for the first time.
Ellen and Adele discuss their plans for the summer and reflect on what they did last summer. Last summer, Ellen lived in Austin, TX for an internship and Adele lived in Oxford, MS for summer school. They were apart for a month before Adele visited Ellen, which is the longest they have ever been apart.
Ellen and Adele sit in Ellen’s bed after lunch and discuss their plans after graduation in May from the University of Mississippi. Ellen will be attending nursing school at Belmont University in Nashville. Adele will be a nanny for a family in Washington D.C. for a year while applying to graduate schools for audiology.
Adele puts blush on Ellen before she goes to class. They help each other get ready by helping one another put on makeup and picking an outfit.
Ellen reads a funny message to Adele. They agree they laugh the most when they are together. Next year they will try to send each other a funny picture everyday.
Adele looks through her sister Ellen’s closet for an outfit for the day. They share all of their clothes, and jokingly agree that dividing their wardrobe will be one of the most difficult parts of their separation.
Ellen searches for a new apartment in Nashville, where she will be attending nursing school. Ellen and Adele both like Nashville, and Adele says she looks forward to visiting.
Adele and Ellen eat the salads for dinner they prepared at the Chi Omega Sorority house. Adele has been a vegetarian for 8 years, while Ellen has been one for 3 years. Adele was a major influence in this decision for Ellen.
Adele leaves a note on Ellen’s bed when she is stressed. Their parents and each other bring them comfort the most.
Ellen and Adele joke around outside the Chi Omega house. They agree Ellen is the more outgoing of the two. Adele will miss having her next year as she meets new people.
Ellen and Adele unintentionally mirror one another when putting their hair in ponytails before their run. They run together every evening to stay in shape and personal enjoyment.
Ellen and Adele show how similar they look. They get often get asked if they can read each other’s minds and have come up with a trick to pretend as if they can. If someone asks what they other twin is thinking, they always answer Jon Jon, who is their dog.
Ellen and Adele begin their nightly run together at 7 PM. Their favorite experience together in college is running a half marathon together and hope to reunite to run another one after they are separated.
Ellen and Adele laugh together as they return to the Chi Omega house from their run. They have lived in the same dormitory building, apartment, and now sorority house throughout college.
Ellen and Adele hug after their run before they enter the Chi Omega house. They know next year they will be unable to do this so they are taking advantage of all the time they have together.
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