Face your fears and jump into the Lion’s Den

When beginning a new chapter in your life, be it career, starting a business, relationships, marriage, buying a new house, should you be scared of what’s to come? Scared of the unknown?

I’ve recently been offered a fantastic opportunity, actually, it’s a once in a life time opportunity (all will be revealed in the next couple of months), but a big question being asked of me is

“Are you nervous? Are you scared?”

The answer is, of course, who wouldn’t be? It’s something totally new, different and dotted with extraneous variables at each turn. 
A plethora of elements that I have no control over lay before me but will it deter me from going all in on this once in a life time journey 
 — absolutely not.

Since I started my working life, I’ve always felt that it’s important to jump in the Lion’s Den (as it were) and just throw yourself into fear. It’s like waiting in a queue for a ridiculous 10 loop-the-loop roller coaster. Once you’re on, you’ve got to get through it, it’s over in a flash and you’re always happier you took the ride (well 99% of the time).

We learn from a young age through education, adolescence, peer groups and early adulthood how to avoid the scary decisions in life and as such these traits live with us for the rest of our lives and we never truly explore our potential.

The truth is, we never really grow unless we’re willing to fail. The key to success is to not be deterred by our failures.

We owe it to ourselves to jump into the Lion’s Den, face our fear and push ourselves to be nervous, to be scared, and yeh be afraid you may fail but never allow it to overcome the chance of success.

The fact is, you will probably fail at something you don’t want to do so you may as well fail at the thing you do want to do.

“Anything that’s successful is a series of mistakes” — Billie Joe Armstrong

Live with passion, give before you take and always seek to make the world a better place — you will inevitably lead a life that’s rich and worthwhile.