Top 3 Recent Google Updates In 2016

Generally the top question asked in the SEO industry is what is the latest update in Google. More specifically, if you are attending an interview in India(I don’t know about other countries), you have to go prepared with this answer for sure. In a nutshell, whether you are an SEO geek who love to delve deep in the facts and updates related to industry or you are a normal SEO practitioner who might be looking for SEO news to stay updated to answer an interviewer or boss, you need to stay updated about the changes happen in the Google. There used to be many small tweaks in Google, but we usually focus on the major ones. This article will share top 3 Google updates of 2016.

Google PageRank Is Dead Now
Since 2012, Google had stopped updating Pagerank publicly, which is one of the factors in ranking. It is also a very crucial factor to showcase the authority of the website. However, in Dec 2012, the Google team updated the PageRank by mistake.

After That, the Pagerank was updated on 7th March, 2016 for the last time and made it same for all websites, which is NA(Not Applicable). So now, the pagerank of Google/Facebook and your newly launched website will be the same.

One important thing to be kept in mind is that the pagerank won’t get updated publicly, but it is still there behind the scene in the Google’s algorithm and playing its role in your rankings and backlink valuation.

So what to do? Not to worry. PageRank is dead, not the PA(Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority) metrics. It will give you a pretty good insight which you could get from the Pagerank.

Length of Title and Description Is Increased In Google SERP
As an SEO, you might have struggled to fit your important keywords within the limit set by Google. However, the good news is, now you may target more keywords in your title and meta description tag. In the early weeks of May 2016, many SEO experts noticed the redesign of SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).The new design has given more space to a single result. In fact, it has noticeably increased the length of title and meta description in search results. On average, we can say the title tag limit is approx. 60–70 (instead of 50–60) characters long. For description, it is approx. 200–278(instead of 160) characters.

A few things need to be kept in mind here. Google has not only increased the allowed character limit in the search results, but have redesigned its SERP. According to this, it works on space the characters occupy in SERP instead of the exact numbers. The rest part will be truncated by using a CSS, which will display (…) in the SERP. So there are a few results got noticed, where only 42 characters were displayed. How it works? Well, the capital letters occupies more space which will decrease the number of words to be displayed. Moreover, Google also makes the matching phrases “Bold”, which again takes more space compared to normal text. So based on the user’s search query and matching words in your result would increase or decrease your character limit in the search results.

So takeaway is don’t use all caps or use capital characters as less as possible, and without thinking much, use the increased limit because at max it will get truncated, but on the positive side you are now able to target extra keyword.

The thing to be kept in mind here is, there is no official announcement made for this by Google. So it can be a testing gig of them, which might get rollback in the future.

New Mobile Friendly Testing Tool Launched
The Google had launched a tool to check whether your site is mobile friendly or not in November 2014. Recently, on 17th May, 2016 Google announced the update in it with the headlines,”A new mobile friendly testing tool”. This tool is improvised version of the same tool and it is accessible here So enjoy the tool and check if your site is mobile friendly or not because it is one of the key ranking factors in the mobile search.

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