Happy New Year, friends! This January, the sun glides into intellectual Aquarius as Mercury enters retrograde. Harness the energy of your sign by reading this month’s horoscope.


The brilliant sun is rising through your sign through the 20th, so you are set to shine through January. This attention will increase your popularity. You may find that people are attracted to your magnetic energy. You are a naturally romantic and generous person, but be warned that too much giving will drain you. In your career, take advantage of this positive attention to drive activity toward projects of passion. …

Right around this time last year, I wrote a post about the history of significance of the Winter Solstice. As we draw closer to the Solstice and the Christmas holiday, I thought I would write a more detailed follow up post about how the way Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus has been influenced by ancient traditions.

When we think of Christmas, we think of spending time with friends and family, decorating the Christmas tree, and waiting for Santa Claus to visit. The cynical among us think of the holiday season as an excuse for companies to make a major…

Ultra-Marathoners Need Spirit Over Fitness

If you plan to run a 150 mile race, you better train. The best ultra-marathoners in the world train their bodies of course, but first and foremost they must train their minds. Many of the most successful and inveterate ultra-marathon runners will tell you that while running and strength training is a must, you must also approach those types of races with a certain mindset.

Imagine two physically equal runners. One focuses on the goal of finishing, while the other starts to wonder if completing the race is something he can actually do. Who do you bet on? …

Spirituality as a way to stay healthy.

Spirituality Produces Health Benefits Through Love

A Bermuda man named Johnny Barnes understands a thing or two about love.

For five or six hours every day, Barnes finds himself besides a busy Bermuda road shouting to passersby. “Good morning! I love you! Have a good day!”

Barnes has been doing this gig for over 20 years and local Bermudans have come to love it. In fact, a statue has been erected of Barnes. He is only one of two statues on the island.

Barnes said that he constantly wants to remind people that life is sweet and beautiful. The Good…

The Human Fascination with Time Travel

The human mind is plagued with an innate desire to go back. Not only do we wish to see what the world was like before we were born, we wish to go back to moments in our own lives. If only we could travel back into our own past to avoid a mistake, tell someone special that we loved them, or even just stop by to visit that perfect Summer afternoon when we were young.

The Pew Research Center recently published the results of a survey which asked Americans what technological advancements they hoped to see in the next half…

Relationship are the key — not goal achievement.

All human beings seek happiness. While we may do it in very different ways, we do search for the things that make us happy. Some of us have found the formula for being content no matter what the tides of life bring to shore, but for most of us, it’s an ever-evolving goal with a less than clear road map to success.

One of the most commons with the search for happiness is the feeling that the next achievement, job, relationship, new house will finally be the last thing we need to be happy. As Alisa Bowman of Spirituality…

The Mystery of how the Lunar Cycle Affects Human Sleep Patterns

Every once in a while, you might get a chance to stare at a full moon in a clear sky. When this does happen, it’s easy to see why human beings have been fascinated with the glowing, otherworldly orb floating outside of our planet. The moon is ingrained in human mythology. Think werewolves transforming under the influence of the full moon or the fact that our word “lunatic” is based on accounts of men and women being driven mad by the moon. So why are we so captivated by the moon?

This recent Spirituality and Health article tries to…

Speaking Tour of California Spreads Positive Message

A recent article from NBC News discusses the Dalai Lama’s latest speaking tour which has taken him to Southern California. Perhaps the world’s foremost spiritual guide, the Dalai Lama preached a familiar message during his last appearance. So what does he propose? The best route to a spiritual and peaceful life is not stringent religion or rituals, but friendship. The Dalai Lama spoke before a packed house at Santa Clara University where he proclaimed that compassion and friendship was not only the key to personal contentment, but also to global social progress.

Perhaps one of the reason the Dalai Lama…

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