Bending time 

A showcase of photographs from Andreas Chudowski and Adam Magyar

Magyar scans a rushing Subway train arriving to the station for the Stainless series.
Magyar adopts industrial machine-driven cameras and modifies the technology with software he writes himself.
Magyar scans the platform at Alexanderplatz as the Subway arrives.
Optronis high-speed camera equipped with custom parts for the Stainless videos.
Line scan cameras. The yellow one is a custom made piece for the Urban Flow series. The black one was used for the capturing the trains.
Adam Magyar in his home office in Berlin
Code detail of the video noise reduction software

“These moments I capture are meaningless, there is no story in them, and if you can catch the core, the essence of being, you capture probably everything.”

Stainless #03621, Tokyo, 2010
Stainless #6423, Tokyo, 2010
Stainless #7606, New York, 2010
Stainless, #13316, Paris, 2011

“Each little fragment is the present, and all these present fractions come together to give you the story. By the time we see the story, it’s like our memory. It’s already past.”

“Urban Flow” #316
“Urban Flow” #323
“Urban Flow” #323, detailed close-up
“Urban Flow” #424, Shanghai
“Urban Flow” #424, detailed close-up
“Urban Flow” #1089

We make stuff.

We make stuff.