Did you ever hear the phrase, “Say it, don’t spray it” when you were a kid?

If not, perhaps you may have been born in a different era.

“Houston, we have a problem!”

It’s something you would say to someone when saliva samples were collected on your face as they were speaking to you.

Usually, the person was angry and sharing terms not so endearing.

As I sat, reminiscing about the comical moments of playful debates amongst friends, a new phrase came to mind.

“Don’t SAY it, DO IT!”

So many people nowadays are talking instead of DOING!

I’ve found it to be quite true for myself that a bunch of talking about getting things done only further deters me from putting those words into action!

Don’t ask why because I’m not standing there prepared to answer.

When I tell my father, for example, that I am going to come over and clean the garage out, he smiles at me the same way he did when I was 4 feet tall, telling him that I was big enough to drive his GTO!! (Man, oh man, was that car sweet! )

My point is that it only makes ME look like an ass when I repeatedly say that I’m going to DO something, only to never get it done.

Not having DONE what I’ve said causes the vicious cycle to be repeated because now I feel like I am being disloyal, therefore I am compelled to reassure Dad that I am, in fact, STILL planning to get to that doggone garage!

Loyalty is a BIG deal for me. I don’t need promises, your word alone should suffice.

I would expect that the unexpected happens and that just means that whatever the task at hand, it wasn’t meant to be carried out at that particular time and place.

However, not sticking to your word just because you’re lazy or would rather watch “American Horror Story” is unacceptable!

Ok, as LONG as it wasn’t a rerun of Horror Story, I am down with that.

I’ll watch with you!

All laughter aside, I wish people would stop and THINK before they speak!

And spray it if you’d like, just be certain that you’re standing on the other side of the room.

And STICK to what you spray OR say!

“Stop pretending!!”