Every story is worth reading. If someone took the time to put their thoughts on paper, a screen, video, etc., then I will always give it a little OR a lot of my time. It matters to someone. The person who wrote it for starters, they have something to explain, express, expel or entertainment people. There are countless other reasons for why people write about things. And even diaries have been published and publicized for others to see. A few complete strangers who are obviously highly intelligent people have actually had an impact on the way I feel today, just from reading what they have written. It changed my mood, my mind and my whole perspective on the decisions that I have been making in my life. That’s pretty powerful if you ask me..that just reading a few articles totally changed my mind!! I was in a mood that I really didn’t want to be in until I read these articles and since I am completely new here, I can’t remember the names of the authors but I am certain that I WILL next time I write about this subject because they most definitely deserve the recognition. I have been inspired, laughing, crying, relating and learning. For me, that’s a wonderful blessing and I am looking forward to more!

Even if you think you aren’t as smart as the next person or that nobody wants to hear about your feelings, write about it my friend, because you’re WRONG! People may not always agree with you or have the same beliefs on certain things, but what you have to say matters to someone out there. Every single human being is unique and wonderful in their own special way. Bless you and may you have peace, love and laughter in your life.