Because we all need a little encouragement
Furaha Asani (formerly 'Orisirisi')

I AM SO inspired by this article, it was deep and I could relate so much that I wanted to leap OUT of my skin with joy and scream at the top of my lungs, “I KNOW, I KNOW!” This is the first time for me in this app, and I am already extremely satisfied with the content. I just want to say that you touched my soul with this article. I too, am an excellent writer and I have been holding back because of fear, of rejection, embarrassment, inadequacies, all kinds of things creep up in my mind, is call it SATAN trying to ROB ME of the gifts God showered ME with from before my physical existence on this earth! I AM a good writer, I AM a STRONG woman and if I can apply that strength to all these other aspects of my life as I have been through hell and back numerous times and made it, stood up and dusted myself off and figured it out, why then should I not apply this to my writing, my goals of being successful and have an abundance of joy, peace, knowledge, wisdom and money!? I WILL!! THANKS FOR SHARING and KNOW that you have made an impact on my mood and perhaps my life! P.S. LOVED the song by Jess Glynne! Be blessed and have joy! Thanks again.

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