How I Transformed My Life by Controlling My Mind
Ashley Heacock

I thoroughly enjoyed this article. I do practice some of the good things that we can do to make ourselves happy as well as others around us. I’m going to go ahead and say it, “I’m NOT perfect” and I am EXTREMELY aware that nobody else is either. In spite of the ones who would beg to differ on that note, I have kept the fact that we ALL make mistakes in the forefront of my mind and heart in order to practice what I preach concerning being a “judgemental” person as well as having compassion for those who are perhaps lashing out at me or someone else, but wanting ME to back them up. It’s quite difficult to tell your best friend that he/she is acting ridiculous, absurd or just being a big fat DRAMA QUEEN/KING. (I really wanted to leave out “KING” because when a grown man begins stirring up drama, I am that outspoken gal in the crowd who will throw out terms in reference to his behavior that most would view as terms that are more suited to fit the description of a “little girl”, lol. Of course, this is always done so in a playful tone so that the end result is usually a good laugh amongst the people involved, at least that’s my goal in a situation like that Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go the way I had hoped, it may be escalated to the point that jokes are inappropriate for the situation at hand. It’s all about trying to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING that you can bring up that’s going to put the fire out in those situations where the others are beyond listening to reason. Maybe a 5–10 min break is enough to get things calmed down and work on it from there. Those are just a couple of things that I do to help. As you pointed out, not everyone is wired to think, act and/or react the same way. We’ve ALL got charismatic qualities which differ from one person to the next. Some of us know that we have that trait and how to use it in very positive ways. The bible says “A soft word turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger” {Proverbs 15:1} And had I NEVER read that in all my life, I would know it in my heart to be true because it’s been tried and proven to be absolutely right!

I love the way that you give examples of how one may get organized and prepared to start a meditation habit daily and resources for doing this. I have been meditating at the wrong times lately and I am NOT feeling well spiritually, so this article was a blessing for me and my life. I am making the resolution to get my butt in gear, without peace of mind and a feeling of security, even freedom from worry about the things I can’t control as you pointed out, I can’t focus, my mind just feels like a battle field of overwhelming thoughts that make it almost impossible for me to be productive in anything I try to accomplish or achieve. That’s not GOOD, I REFUSE to let my mind control ME! I am going to put into practice meditation time and stick to it. I can throw a rock at the Cumberland river from my back door, point is I have the ideal place for meditating and it’s as important as setting aside time to eat a meal as far as I am concerned.

Thanks again for your great insights and info. I felt like it just came at the right time for me. It’s time for some change in my life. God bless!

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