The Road Ahead

We are not always facing the road ahead. Some of us are regrettable AND regretfully looking back at what we’ve already passed, either longing to return or hoping to forget.

In this scenario, we’re not driving a vehicle, we’re examining life. So there is no reverse, neutral or park to shift gears.

The past has been passed. The future lies ahead, just over a hill, hard to see before the climb up to the top.

Beware of detours, just proceed with caution and rely on the GPS SYSTEM that is your made up of many components of your very being.

Oh yes, fear will be on the side, thumb out, hoping you’ll STOP to pick it up. But fair warning my friend, he’ll make you get lost and either make you late for an extremely important appointment with a life changing event or stop you from ever arriving.

Stay focused on the road ahead. Don’t pick up fear and try to avoid detours.

Stay focused on the road ahead.