Constant Phone Notifications Are Ruining Your Productivity

This is powerfully TRUE!!! I am finding myself with notes undone and projects that are never going to be finished because they were never even started, I’m TOO distracted by links to other sites. Especially when I google something with the intention of getting information about a subject matter that I want to start writing about, I am constantly veering away from the subject due to another completely unrelated word that is underlined and screaming for my thumb to push it. Next thing you know, I’m opting in for some “awesome” idea that I’m SURE to get a 6 figure income from, well FIRST I have to get out of HERE and go verify that email..this WAS the story of my life for a couple of months. It was just ridiculous and I never thought ANYONE on earth could possibly have 35,000 emails in 3 separate accounts! Only corporate businesses, RIGHT!? WRONG! I deleted ALL of them, of course but do you realize how many of them sold my email address to 10 other people who are now sending me spam!? By the time I delete 50–100 emails in bulk, I come back to see that I’ve received 6 more in less than 60 seconds. Now I must spend the time to painstakingly unsubscribe from these opt ins for it would NOT be rightfully fair to report them when I did indeed ASK FOR IT! Lesson learned. I’m spending LESS time in the emails, I DON’T opt in for anything that I am not ABSOLUTELY CRAZY about or unless it’s completely necessary. I have to learn to stay focused if I want to have an online business. I have wasted entire days and realized that all I accomplished was reading nonsense! Therefore I truly accomplished ABSOLUTELY nothing!