A person holding the written sheet of paper “learn to make yourself happy”
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Imagine you’re walking in the jungle alone. there is no human around you except the huge trees with the possibilities of wild animals and unpleasant creature presence makes you vulnerable. now, you fight or fright! the choice is yours. Suddenly, your human nature makes you choose to be brave and fight the unwanted situation. Now you begin to think about your karma, right?

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I know what you’re are thinking.
How can I say that so surely? well its a fact, we humans are always following the ordinary pattern of thoughts and take actions accordingly in such a situation. So, coming back to our topic of learning to be happy. So, the first question comes in my mind, what is happiness and why it is so important for us?
The answer is happiness nothing but an opportunity given by God for a human mind and soul to take advantage of it when we sad or hurt in any situations arise in our life. Oh..o.. this sounds like spiritual, isn’t? maybe it is. The important point I would like to convey to you is the happiness is your ultimate weapon to fight against any problems. I know, practically it’s near to impossible but believe me when you will start to understand this concept of “HAPPINESS IS NOTHING BUT AN OPPORTUNITY’’, you will begin to get all the answers of your problems.

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“When you think good everything is good around you” I know u already tried this thought but did you do it correctly? well, it’s not hard but requires a hell of pertinence. isn’t? the day you become aware of why you need to change always that time you will be “new” you, I mean to say A REAL YOU.

Founder @Fashionably Digital | Bangalore, India. https://www.fashionablydigital.com

Founder @Fashionably Digital | Bangalore, India. https://www.fashionablydigital.com