Suhail Dhada
Jan 2 · 3 min read

The power of social media marketing

All we know social media and its various platforms but most of us not aware of some iconic history and the reasons behind social media marketing mania.

Let me tell you now “what is a social media marketing”? SEM-based on 3 principles which are, Promote — Product — Perform (organic or paid ).

it has various other definitions but i want you to understand based on these 3 principles which i have discovered during my social media marketing journey, my interest in this era since Orkut is a social networking website owned and operated by Google. i was so excited every day checking my social profile updates, as well as what my Orkut friends do.

Bye Bye Orkut

Meantime from February 4, 2004 facebook by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow Harvard University. To spread a message about the importance of social interaction between humans, originally the idea of facebook immerges from Zuckerberg’s first website called “face match” watch the movie social network for detailed insights about his journey.

The power of Facebook
Tiny but most powerful
Do something great

SIX reasons behind social media marketing mania are:

  1. Social media platforms are most trustworthy for your customers to promote your product or service.
  2. There are unique features in social media platforms which are comments, likes, easy targeting to your desired customers through personal messages or online chat with them makes your customers get more insights about your service or product.
  3. As we know all “customer is the king of market” and on social media, it is perfectly proved when your customer doesn’t like anything which you have posted immediately you can take an action to correct that situation.
  4. It is very easy for your competitor analysis on how their interaction is with their customers on social media. it helps you to understand your social media marketing journey very well.
  5. The 3 principles Promote -Product- Perform are the main pillars for your success on social media because your customers on social media attract and get interested when any product or service you promote organically or as paid ads perform uniquely.
  6. Using social media marketing for your small or big business is to build an emotional connection and intellectual with your desired customers so you can promote your product uniquely and perform amazingly.

I hope this above information helps you to understand the power of social media marketing today and its future scope.

Thank You.

Suhail Dhada

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Thinker & Creative content writer | Bangalore, India.

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