Last week we hosted Scott Harrison, founder & CEO of charity: water, for an intimate evening to discuss his unconventional founding story and the journey of writing his New York Times bestselling memoir, Thirst.

Scott Harrison, founder and CEO of charity: water

Our theme for March was Earth and we wanted to take a broader look at the politics of climate change, measuring our footprint and what practical solutions we can take. We were so inspired by Scott Harrison’s founding story and the work that has inspired charity: water— we included his book in our Earth collection. Each month we host events for our subscribers to delve further…

Earlier this week we hosted an event with Nadine Jane Astrology at Maude in Brooklyn talking all things love and relationships— what makes some things work and some things hard.

Maude’s storefront in Williamsburg

Important thing to do if you haven’t already, look up your natal chart— some good apps are Co star also follow Nadine Jane and get a reading from her. We’re obsessed with her Instagram :)

She started out by explaining what each sign brings to a relationship and how they fit together with other signs. …

Yola Mezcal Cocktails prepared by Jonathan O’Brien and Hugh Francis — Photograph Meredith Jenks

Have you ever analyzed the leftover dinner party fragments from a party that your parents had thrown the night before? Crumpled napkins, stained table cloths, lipstick smeared wine glasses, lingering snippets of conversations that were had just hours earlier of grown up things you barely understood, and wish you had written down.

These adult dinner parties were the things we dreamed of throwing as children. …

We’re sitting in the Poconos, PA and we decided to write a post here about our experience launching v.1 release.

A little bit of background on where we are with our business right now. The [reads] co-founding team is Emma Stevenson, with a background in children’s education and experience growing Charity Water as a start-up, and Rachael Yaeger whose background is in marketing and is currently running a small creative studio, Human NYC, LLC. which specializes in digital projects and helping businesses launch and improve their businesses online.

In December 2016 we realized that not only were we best…

This weekend we had a mini [reads] pop up with Ilana Kohn in her plant filled Studio in the Brooklyn Navy Yards on a muggy Friday evening. We treasure this event because it’s our way of gathering a group of people some familiar and some new to be in a space together some to find a nook and read or be charmed by a new and unexpected friendship.

Left to Right Emma, Isabel, Rachael, Alana and Ilana Kohn

We have been working hard to crystalize over the past few months what [reads] is and why it’s important, different and something that people would want to be a part of. …

Since starting [reads] we’ve built out our own library as a celebration and visual map of books as works of art. We started obsessively looking at Irma Boom’s work, who for the past 3 decades has created books that are more than just mere containers of information, but rather very specific collectable pieces of art.

Irma Boom’s Library where pure experimentalism is on the shelf, NY Times.

Early in her career Irma Boom had taken all the jobs nobody else wanted, leading her to design stamp books that gave her a seat at the design table, which allowed her to leave her government job— start her own studio and work solely on…

If ever there was a year to turn off the television, throw the phone out the window and pick up a book, 2016 was it.

[reads] work retreat Woodstock December, 2016

Somehow we survived a pretty insane year and now, as a new era emerges we can’t help but wonder what importance books really do have? Is there the same urgency for reading as there used to be? As the whole world is watching President Trump’s first few days in office, we can’t help but empathize with those at risk of losing what they have spent their lifetime building— on the whims of politics. …


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