The future [reads]

If ever there was a year to turn off the television, throw the phone out the window and pick up a book, 2016 was it.

[reads] work retreat Woodstock December, 2016

Somehow we survived a pretty insane year and now, as a new era emerges we can’t help but wonder what importance books really do have? Is there the same urgency for reading as there used to be? As the whole world is watching President Trump’s first few days in office, we can’t help but empathize with those at risk of losing what they have spent their lifetime building— on the whims of politics. While it can be sobering going down the Trump rabbit hole, we were incredibly moved by Obama’s recent interview on how books helped him survive the White House, and the urgency and power that reading has in utilizing knowledge into a pathway for a better future.

January 16, 2017 (we love you Obama)

We love books, they are vitally important to us— they’ve changed how we think about our lives and the ways in which we navigate the world. But the world of books is changing — bookstores are being reinvented and adapting to a new world transformed by the internet and technology— and that has changed everything, including us.

We asked ourselves what’s going on with the library, the bookstores, and the reading of books? Is reading still a thing and do people care about it? Are they reading enough— do they enjoy what they are reading and are they looking in the right places for books? Do adults read anymore? Do people read anything outside their comfort zone of favorite reads?

NYT post; The Neighborhood Bookstore’s Unlikely Ally? The Internet.
The New Yorker [reads]

We’re so lucky to be living in a time with integrated communities and online platforms that have provided us with new and endless opportunities to connect with others and build relationships. Medium, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram connect us with people we wouldn’t normally be able to connect with and they expose us to things we wouldn’t otherwise see.

So whats next?

This generation has gone through a brutal election but in a bizarre turn of events actually activated and inspired people to be more eager to learn/ research and speak out. This is why books are important, they not only provide us with the opportunity to reconcile complicated feelings about our own lives but they are a sustaining source of knowledge for building our future. Books allow us to explore things that are interesting to us in a distant matter and connect it to our lives. In books we locate our tendencies and, for the sake of convenience, label them. Books give us permission to be a better version of ourselves for others. Books allow us to travel through clouds of influence.

Here’s us— we love to read, we love to share books but more importantly we love being surprised by really insightful and thoughtful reads.

BFFs. Marfa Book Company in Marfa, TX January, 2017

We’re working on [reads] an online subscription based bookstore that delivers carefully curated and beautiful books to your doorstep.

Today’s reader has more to choose from than ever — and less time to spend discovering. Crammed calendars and content overload make it so even die-hard bibliophiles are left without any time to browse, often we rely on the center table at the bookstore or a recommended read from a friend, but we seldom roam with confidence on our own. [reads] is bringing the center table to you—but better, we seek out the books that are special and harder to find.

We created [reads] to be a tangible experience for people, to read a book you must be fully present to allow the distractions of your world to grow dim for a minute and immerse into the story of the pages — consider [reads] as giving you the chance to be anchored in the present.

The future reads, and we want to play a part in building and curating future libraries for people. We want to take people on more adventures.

[reads] wants to help you ___________________

see the world differently

build your library

pass a book to a friend

learn something new about yourself

learn something new about others

discover more diverse reads

feel connected to others