where am i, right here, right now?

6pm sunlight

i’ve always believed that every single thing that happens — big or small — happens for a reason, always. good or bad, and especially when it’s bad, it’s written for it to be that way, even when that’s hard to swallow. i’m trying to focus on the things that have stayed with me, which also happen to be the things that i’d shoved in a corner but never forgot about. everything good about them poked at me while i was too busy trying to get a better look at something that was never meant to stay.

and i say i never forgot about them because their presence was that heavy. but the good kind of heavy we often take for granted. the kind of heavy that keeps you full, but not too full. and that’s the perfect amount you can ever be given, but not when you aren’t paying attention.
so where am i, right here, right now? where am i, now that i see this?

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