The benefits of reading to a child before bedtime

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Oct 4, 2018 · 3 min read

Reading to the child at night not only improves the relationship between the child and parents, but also develops his speech skills. Nowadays adults are loaded with tasks and everyday worries, quite often there is no time or energy left for the child. When the baby goes to bed, he asks to read to him, but moms and dads often refuse, and it’s a big mistake — reading brings a lot of benefits.

Why is it useful to read to a child at night?

Vocabulary expansion

Speech development

General development

Improving relations with parents

Spiritual development of the child

Healthy sleep

Reading to a child before going to bed. Tips for parents

The most important thing is to choose the right book. The best option is a fairy tale. This reading not only entertains the child, but also enriches their inner world. With the help of books you can teach kindness, responsiveness, empathy. The child feels the emotions of other people well, so if the parents read just because they have to and without pleasure, the kid will notice. In this case, reading at night will not bring pleasure to you or him, and even can lead to the situation that the child will perceive reading as a necessity.

As already mentioned, the kid will memorize and copy your pronunciation, so you need to read clearly, place the stress correctly, then the child will remember how to speak correctly.

Discuss with the child what you read, ask how the kid would act in the hero’s place.

After reading the fairy tale and before going to bed do not forget to kiss your child and wish him good night. Children grow fast, so make sure you spend more time together with your baby.

I’m reading, Mom!

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